New Factory Bosch
Racing 60lb (650cc) Injector straight from Germany.

Specificly designed
for Volkswagon/Porsche/Audi to have this exact spray pattern & fuel droplet
size because of the unique multi-valve intake ports which require a wider spray

This is the exact
same (Dual Cone) injector found on the Porsche 997 & their world cup
car. Each injector clearly shows the Porsche part # on them straight from Bosch

You will not find a
better injector anywhere on the market & will not have the commonly found
issues like many other injectors on the market like lumpy idle, hard to tune


High impedance &
comes standard as EV1

(650cc) ie 60lbs
rated at 3 Bar

(750cc) ie 72lbs
rated at 4 Bar

(880cc) ie 83lbs
rated at 5 Bar

This injector can
handle 8+ Bar


Safe for all fuel
types including E85

I've personal had
several different injector sizes/sets on my B5 S4 & these are by far the
best for the Audi B5 2.7.

For instance a set of
6 on the Audi B5 S4 2.7 utilizing the factory 4 bar can easily support 750+hp
& is a direct plug/play unit with no adapter plugs or clips needed.

There's truly no reason to use anything larger unless you're going E85.

Each set comes
completely matched with in 1% or less from Bosch Racing.


If you're not happy
for any reason you'll have 45 days to exchange them for something else.

Every injector set
will come with tuning/offset chart & 3 year warranty!

for $143.50 ea in Europe & extremely hard to get